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    • 12 Jan 2023
    • 11 May 2023
    • 4 sessions
    • 5 Online Webinar Sessions
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    The Learn to Lead - Master Your Communication

    We start a workshop series on 12JAN23 with Liz Howard to develop the leadership voice within You!
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    • January 12th 2023, 20:00 - 21:15
    • March 02nd 2023, 20:00 - 21:15
    • April 13th 2023, 20:00 - 21:15
    • May 11th 2023, 20:00 - 21:15 
    • 5th sessions will be in June 2023


            Get to know Liz Howard

            For over 20 years, Liz Howard has wowed audiences with her innovative, playful approach to helping business leaders speak confidently, use their voice, and achieve their professional dreams. As Germany's first „keynote singer," Liz has shared her techniques with universities and businesses like St. Gallen University, ABB, Allianz, SAS, the EU in Brussels, the Munich Chamber of Lawyers, and Salesforce, among others. With over 30 years of stage experience, she has coached vocalists on the TV show X Factor and alongside Tito Jackson of the Jackson family, is a TEDx speaker, and is a former Lecturer of Rhetoric at the University of Economics and Environment in

            Nürtingen/Geislingen. She can be found at

            • 6 Mar 2023
            • 8 Apr 2023
            • Self-paced recorded webinar

            The Learn to Lead Leadership Program

            With our leadership program, increase your influence and develop your leadership skills, abilities to achieve higher outcomes and results with your team, customers and management.

            Designed together with our Partner Pink Elephants Communications, each self-paced webinar lasts 75 minutes and includes a 15-minutes recorded Q&A session. 


              Module 1 - Mastering the Online Conversation

              • How to make presentations, facilitate discussions and lead teams in a virtual world
              • Be seen, be heard, be understood


              For over 30 years, Pink Elephant Communications helps professionals across the world to excel in their communication skills.

              BILL MCFARLAN is co-founder and co-owner of Pink Elephant Communications and leads more than a hundred training courses each year – helping clients deal with everything from job losses and product launches to undercover investigations by Panorama. His knowledge is based on two decades helping global business to get their message across – and even longer as a presenter with BBC, Scottish Television, Sky and Setanta. He ran the training that landed the 2014 Commonwealth Games for Glasgow, and Abellio the £6bn ScotRail franchise. His best-selling communications guide, Drop the Pink Elephant, has been translated into 12 different languages.

              ANDREW MCFARLAN is Managing Director of Pink Elephant Communications, having presented over 500 courses on communication. In 2019 alone he led sessions in three continents for TE Connectivity, Amadeus, ATOS, Siemens and Exxon Mobil. In 2018, Andrew led training that led to £105 million of construction projects, based on persuasive presentation and question-answer techniques. He took over as Managing Director after 10 years of training clients in presentation skills, media management, negotiation skills, assertiveness and business writing.

              COLIN STONE began his career as a reporter with Real Radio, going on to launch STV Glasgow in 2014 and hosting more than 750 live television segments. Since joining Pink Elephant in 2018, Colin has trained individuals in Madrid, Nice, Erding, Dubai, New York and Stockholm. His hours of on-air experience will help you deal with nerves under pressure. In addition, his radio and TV experience will help you to make the most of your voice and your body language to boost your authority.

              • 26 Apr 2023
              • 19:00 - 22:00
              • Freiraum, Saarstrasse 5, 80797 München + ONLINE
              • 37

              Ineke will share her personal experience, research on the topic and recommendations for individuals, managers and organizations.

              Speaker Biography

              Ineke Vermeulen from Belgium, based in Munich, has been working first as a developer, portfolio manager and currently as an executive marketing and communications manager and speaker for over 2 decades for Siemens IT Solutions and Services, now Atos, a global IT powerhouse with roots in Europe. Since 2013 she also lectures bachelor and master business students at the New European College. Her specialty is energizing people to perform at their best, whether it is team members on a complex project or students preparing for success in business. She is also a professional speaker and trainer. 

              • 19 May 2023
              • 20:00
              • DEADLINE to enroll online - ONLY to collect your application

              Mentor Registration: PN Mentoring Program - 2nd Cohort

              We launch our 2nd Cohort Mentoring program.

              This event is ONLY to register as a Mentor for the incoming 2nd cohort.

              Our program is dedicated to supporting and developing our members on the Professional Network.

              Our mentors play a crucial role in developing, guiding and supporting the mentee's journey to reach their personal ambition and goals.

              Being a Mentor is an important engagement of your time, sharing skills and experience, and developing others and yourself at the same time.

              As a Mentor, you shall commit:

              • to be available for 30 min every 2 weeks or 1 hour per month to catch up with your mentee for the duration of the program till mid-December, when the cohort ends.

              We recommend that you define upfront your availability.

              Book the sessions in advance when you can be available so that you manage your involvement and provide sufficient time to develop your mentee(s).

              Your PN Mentoring team

              • 27 May 2023
              • 20:30
              • DEADLINE TO ENROLL - Online Registration Only

              Mentee Registration


              Since the inception of PN, our Mentors and Executive Members have been dedicating their precious time to sharing their experiences with our Mentees. We are proud to witness that many of our PN Mentees made significant progress in their career and developed themselves to reach their full potential.


              You are responsible for being fully engaged in your own development and committed to participating actively in your progress. Being part of the PN Mentoring Program is a chance, not a due service.

              Our mentors will support you freely, at the condition that you are motivated and engaged in your own development planBy registering, we expect you to understand this and take ownership. 

              It is a 6 months Mentoring program, It finishes IN MID-DECEMBER.


              The registration fee gives you access to the Mentoring program. This contribution is to cover the costs of running the Mentoring activities.

              You will be matched to a potential Mentor who is as close as possible to your expectations and needs.

              Your PN Mentoring team

              • 1 Jun 2023
              • 19:30 - 20:30
              • Zoom

              PN is excited to launch the Mentoring Kick-Off meeting online call for our Mentor and Mentee tandems. 

              Our Mentoring team will facilitate the evening to support you with your mentoring journey.


              • 30 mins introduction and mentoring journey
              • 20 mins breakout sessions
              • 10 mins wrap up

              You will receive a zoom link with a password once you register

              Sign up today! Looking forward to seeing you all

              With regards

              The Mentoring Team

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