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Innovative Leadership Workshop

  • 22 Nov 2018
  • 18:30 - 22:30
  • EIGHTYDOTS GmbH, Münchner Freiheit 2, Munich
  • 5


The learning never ends.  The pace of technology ensures that workplace cultures must adapt to change in order to succeed.

In practice it's to be difficult to focus on both short term and structural long-term activities at the same time. Many organizations implement strategies to close the delta between "running" and "innovating" your business.

Join this workshop focused on how to lead teams, bring innovation and manage daily business. Create an agile workplace that can quickly adapt to changes!

Reflect the methods employees & leaders could use to balance running and innovating concurrently.

Quickly implement ideas while reducing the time it takes for them to grab hold.

Introduce activities which enable you to make big changes but allow you to manage your daily life.

We are gender inclusive, all people welcome. 

Register today!

Our workshop leader, Susanne Schimmer has 20+ years of expertise in Organizational Development across many Industries. She accredits others to support healthy and sustainable personal, leadership- and organizational transformation. 

She is a Head of Organizational Development for Multinationals and an entrepreneur with the respective organisations: “We Empower Innovators Network” “OrgDrives”, enabling companies focusing on empowering people and organizational systems to be the best they can be, now and in the future.

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