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Stellar Mentoring partners with Professional Network for the last 2 years to enable PN's ambition to run global mentoring programs for both women and women across the globe.

Making Mentoring program accessible for everyone is our Mission. We truly believe everyone deserves a mentor. We know what it takes to find a mentor and get support at the moment when you most look for it.

We are certain when we leverage everyone's strengths Mentoring is a key enabler. Your leadership journey becomes easier and open up more opportunities to you and your team.

Stellar Mentoring develops meaningful solutions for partners and companies who wants to start a mentoring program from scratch or take their own program to a new mark, fully digital, powered by algorithms which creates Tandems in one click.

Our solution removes the burden of running manual mentoring activities. We scale your program up.

There is no more limit to what you can accomplish, only the one you fix. 


We trully believe partnership is embabed in our DNA and rooted as the heart of what we do for others.

When any partner of PN looks forward working together with Stellar Mentoring , we would be glad to extend of partnership agreement, and help you to build up your  program, you will be proud of.

Contact us: Contact@stellarmentoring.com

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