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Managing a Team of Experts - Full Program

  • 17 Feb 2022
  • 20:30
  • 30 Jun 2022
  • 22:00
  • interactive webinar


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Managing a Team of Experts

With our leadership program, increase your influence and develop

·         your leadership skills, 

·         abilities to achieve higher outcomes 

·         and results with your team, customers and management.

Designed together with our Partner Hervé Tunga, the program is composed of 5 modules, one per month from February till June. 

Each of them last 90mn and can be taken individually. 

Sessions will be recorded and available for the participants. 

Why managing experts ?

This program has been created around essential Leadership skills for evolving on a different level in the organisation. The mantra is “You triumph when they Succeed”.

The first years of professional activity are full of learning. Then comes the time of choices in career where new opportunities and their challenges start to open up in front of us. After some time, one ends up managing a team (or several) of people who know their work and their field: a team of experts. Managing such people, who still want to develop, invites the development of different sets of skills, styles of leadership.

Are you a young professional in leadership positions willing to extend your self-awareness, your skills and foster the sustainable development of your team(s) and its individual members?

This program will benefit YOU.

Program Schedule & Objectives

The program will be split in 5 modules

1. Leadership Values - 17th February 8.30pm - 10pm GMT+2

·         Engage in a self-awareness journey

·         Figure out how to impact your motivation from your personal values

·         Create your own personal strategy

2.   Motivation - Create a space to flourish - 17th March 8.30pm - 10pm GMT+2

·         Analyse Motivation Drives

·         Create an environment that fosters motivation

3.   Communication - Develop Listening as a Leadership Tool - 21st April 8.30pm - 10 pm GMT+2

·         Understand how communication can provide performances enhancement;

·         Develop listening in a working environment;

·         Improve the quality of the work outcomes using feedback;

4.   Teamwork - Strengthen relationship to boost performance – 19th May 8.30pm – 10pm GMT+2

·         Analyse relationship development in a working environment

·         Develop strategies to facilitate the development of healthier relationship among team members

5.   Coaching - Support long-term growth – 17th June 8.30pm – 10pm GMT+2

  • Discover the basics of Coaching
  • Practice how to use questions to challenge and support career development within your organisation

Each module can be done separately, and will include, exercises, theory and a lot of interaction.

Who is Hervé Tunga ?

Herve Tunga

Herve has spent about 15 years training and coaching young professionals in building their capacity. He is a R&D Computer Engineer at Altares Duns & Bradstreet, a Soft-skills trainer, Coach and Leadership Director at Zero Generation. He also created international learning programs such as Leadership Summer School and Youth Trainers Academy.

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