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(TEST) 2024 Mentoring Program - Mentor Registration

  • 9 Mar 2024
  • 08:00
  • 14 Jul 2024
  • DEADLINE to enroll online - ONLY to collect your application



Mentor Registration: PN Mentoring Program 2024

We launch our 1st Cohort Mentoring program.

This event is ONLY to register as a Mentor.

Our program is dedicated to supporting and developing our members on the Professional Network.

Our mentors play a crucial role in developing, guiding and supporting the mentee's journey to reach their personal ambitions and goals.

Being a Mentor is an important engagement of your time, sharing skills and experience, and developing others and yourself at the same time.

As a Mentor, you shall commit:

  • to be available for 30 min every 2 weeks or 1 hour per month to catch up with your mentee for the duration of the program till mid-December, when the cohort ends.

We recommend that you define upfront your availability.

Book the sessions in advance when you can be available so that you manage your involvement and provide sufficient time to develop your mentee(s).

Your PN Mentoring team

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