“Nurture your leadership skills with Professional Network and TE Connectivity”.

After 7 years of partnership between TE Connectivity’s Energy Business Unit and Professional Network (PN), employees from TE’s Industrial Solutions Segment will now also be invited to join PN.

The extension of this partnership was made possible thanks to sponsorship from VP Finance Energy BU Tim Mhagama and VP Human Resources Industrial Solutions Fernando Almeida.  

Here’s what new members can enjoy:

  • Webinars & Online Trainings: access to content about leadership and communication prepared in collaboration with our selected coaches. For example, we just ended the "Learn to Lead" program run by our partner Pink Elephant Communication
  • Partner offers: special discounts with selected partners, including the experienced coaches at Be Coach 
  • Our Mentoring program: cross-company mentoring with international professionals with diverse expertise.

PN is proud to strengthen the bonds with our strongest partner. We continue to support TE's people growth and bring our network and experience to the service of our partner.

PN benefits from TE’s experiences, expertise and leadership.

We welcome any new members willing to be part of this adventure, just like Andra Beier-Ardelean and Michael Aron

"My Mentor has pushed me to be honest and understand what drives me, then got me well equipped to go after my goals; I can only recommend the PN Mentoring Program."

Andra Beier-Ardelean, Manager Controller, TE

„The opportunity to volunteer within PN gave me the chance to collaborate and learn unlike any time before in my career. The speed and drive within the group is amazing, as they challenged me to become more adoptable in my communication and approach to assess the situations I face in my role as a leader, as a mentor and a colleague.

Michael Aron, Senior Manager, TE, PN Volunteer

Our Ambassadors

Ariane Janssen is a Manager Technical Support Energy BU and we are proud to welcome her as TE ambassador for this partnership. 

As availability in this partnership is limited, please sign up now to secure your place by contacting Ariane here

Nicolas Isch is our Head of Partnership.

Looking forward a similar partnership for your organisation ? contact him here.

Email: management@pnmunich.com Address: Heinrich Wielandstr 47D | 81735 Munich


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